Together, we sent 52,880 emails to our politicians to tell them to Catch Up with the outer suburbs, and received funding and policy commitments from both sides of politics.

Planning for Australia’s population growth is important. So is government funded infrastructure for the 5m people already here in the booming outer suburbs. Infrastructure transforms economies and communities. We need governments to Catch Up and match the vitality and pace of growth in new communities.

About Us

National Growth Areas Alliance

Catch Up with the outer suburbs is a campaign by the National Growth Areas Alliance,  twenty one Councils from across Australia's fast growing outer suburbs. We are united by our shared vision of growing communities that are resilient, liveable and productive places. 

Alliance Members have first-hand knowledge of the impact of population growth rates at double the national average, inadequate infrastructure to cope with the increased demand, and long term lack of government investment in roads, public transport and essential services. 

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